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How can participants pay for my event?
  • Participants to your event can pay with any credit card in the market.
How do I get, as an organizer, the money of my event?
  • We pay you in less than 24 hours from the end date of the event.
  • We pay you the total money received from the participants by subtracting the commission from the registration price (including tax) for managing registrations and payments (the bank commission is also included).
  • For large events, we can advance you the money for your event without any problem. To do this, you must write to
Security in payments
  • We use Banc Sabadell's secure payment gateway for payment events in euros. For events in other currencies we use Stripe. We do not store any credit card details, we only save the registration information or purchase the ticket.
Who bills the participant?
  • The organizer is the one who invoices directly to the participant of the event.
  • The participant can request an invoice at the time of registration, and the organizer receives an email with the participant's information in order to be able to issue the invoice.
  • acts as simple custodian of the money of the organizer of the event.


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