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III Conference TSG+
Monday, 03 June 2019
09:00h - 19:30h
Faculty of Social Work, Complutense University of Madrid.




Local Conferences on Social Work with Groups are collaborative events around group work. They bring together professionals that work with social group work, university teachers, representatives of professional associations, institutional managers, users of services, students and researchers in order to locate and characterize initiatives of social group work, develop tools for professional practice with groups, share experiences and improve the knowledge and skills of all participants. The conferences also aim to present the logic of the TSG+ project that promotes the initiative. This is the third conference to be held in Spain and the first in the city of Madrid.


  • To share experiences of social group work.
  • To develop, validate and share tools for working with groups.
  • To self-diagnosis of competences
  • To attend and participate in interesting presentations about working with groups
  • To Present the basic characteristics of the TSG+ project

This Conference has a space to present experiences of social group work. if you think you have a group work experience to be shared, this is your conference. Group work experiences will be reviewed and supported for their presentation by the scientific committee. Presentations will focus on professional or volunteer experiences involving the use of group work. Presentations may not last more than 10 min. Proposals will be sent when registering for the event until 27 May. This May be done in the space reserved for it in the registration form. The scientific committee will give an answer to the acceptance of the proposals for the public presentation by May 29th

Contact email address:

Phone number+34 91 394 2660